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01-30-2010, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by Katiandra
Well I didn't see this maintenance note, but that doesn't change anything. Simple patch note with the download that say "server stability patch".

I swear all you fanbois that are accusing me of having an attitude and you come in here screaming and crying and putting words in mouth.

You are the ones saying that they should detail every single change in a patch, NOT me! You need to get a grip.

Simple patch notes is not too much to be expected. Are they required to do so? Obviously not. I love repeating myself to some fanboi who read the title then decided to post instead of reading the thread or stopping to think for themselves, 'he ya that would be nice.'

Again, just as I've said before, just because someone else's service is crappy is no excuse for their's to be crappy.
I don't think anyone is putting any words in your mouth. Please read:

Originally Posted by Katiandra
You did this all through open beta, random patches, we're forced to download them if we want to continue playing, but we have no idea what you're doing!

Are you nerfing us? Buffing the mobs? Making space combat so pathetic that the average player can do it in his or her sleep? Buffing boarding parties to infinity and beyond (/buzz lightyear voice)? Adding extremely annoying sound effects that are produced if we push a hot key for a beam weapon or projectile that is on cooldown? Fixing bugs?

We want to know! Each and every time, not just when you feel like it! And add a link on the launcher for the patch notes so we can read it while it patches!!!!
To touch on a few points:

1) If this had been a reasonably stated request instead of a screaming diatribe, you would have a LOT more people agreeing with you.

2) Throughout beta, they DID provide patch notes. Sometimes, I grant you, they were not available the moment the patch was up, but they were generally up within an hour. But during a beta test, they are trying to get things addressed as fast as possible, and the person responsible for writing them may be a little behind.

3) Did they Nerf us or Buff the mods? In a couple of cases, they did - and they told us changes were made.
- Did they tell us that the difficulty of combat had been toned down? Yes they did.
- Did they tell us the difficulty of combat had been increased in response to the communities concerns over the decrease? Yes they did - and it included the addition of Boarding Parties to Klingon Battleships.
- Did they come out with a patch that gave us a work around for the Boarding Parties and let us know that they were working on a permanent fix? Yes, they did.

4) In each of these patch notes, did they detail every single change they made? No, they did not. If they had, the patch notes that they released would have been much longer and taken much MUCH longer to put out. Patch notes are overviews, not details. When they have changed code that has specific ingame relevance (for instance, decreasing hull for science vessels by 10%) it has been in patch notes.

I agree, each time they put out patch, I would like to see something that says "Fixed stability issues" if that is all it was. But from what I have seen so far, when code that effects MY choices in game, there HAVE been patch notes that let me know. If they don't put out patch notes, I trust the patch is minor fixes, cosmetics changes, and/or techincal changes that don't change the way I play. I am not going to run to the forum screaming at the top of my lungs (count the number of ! points in your original post) demanding patch notes for every change, every time..... and then two pages later say that other people are putting words in my mouth.

/edit: Oh, and by the way, there IS a link from the launcher to the patch notes. It's hidden under that tab that says "RELEASE NOTES".