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01-30-2010, 01:51 PM
I only flew escorts during OB and will be flying them exclusively because I really like that ship line.

Despite what cruiser and science floks might whine that Escorts get all the awesome loot because they have the awesome DPS. Its worth pointing out that cruisers are meant to be the tankers and yet Escorts are always the ones taking fire BECAUSE they have the highest DPS.

The aggro mechanic around Escorts either needs to be looked at or their survivability needs to be increased to reflect this situation. The easiest solution to make Escorts less of a glass cannon would be to give them innate damage resistances. This would help in PVP as well where aggro mechanics from NPCs are irrelevant.

Escorts are meant to be fast, hard hitting and the majority of their firepower is to the front because of cannon fire arcs. To that end, any Escort is forced to go headfirst into any engagement in the end and because of their fragile nature that means they have to take the brunt of any retaliation on one shield facing thats already extremely weak.

Thus, I would also propose allowing Escorts a much stronger forward facing shield. Alternatively, rather than having resistances, bumping up their HP and shield regeneration stats would be helpful.

Frankly, I dont think the current system is going to work properly for ships. Cruisers being tankers just dosent work if AIs focus on DPS dealers and the support powers arent very good for helping fellow Escorts survive when they get locked by fleets of enemy.
The same goes for PVP, the first things to be targeted will be the Escorts and cruisers tanking ability is completely irrelevant since the enemy will ignore them to get to the Escorts.

I think eventually, the class system that ships have been worked around is going to require some reworking and blurring of the lines or its just going to end up forcing Escort pilots to bear the brunt of being used to getting killed. Fortunatly, no death penalty FOR NOW, but I sure wont enjoy having to run back to Starbase 10 seconds after a fight because I died 5 seconds into the fight.