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Originally Posted by TripFour View Post
The problem with this (and I'm not saying it's not viable or possible. You're absolutely right about tactics) is that Klingon Escorts don't have to do this. Cloaking is their defense. No need to equip for it directly, no need to train BOs for it, no need to rely more heavily on teammates for heals. Just Cloak and you've escaped after your initial burst.

Fed Escorts have comparable shields and hull and lack the GTFO button that Klingons have. It's not balanced. And won't be as long as Klingons have something as basic as stealth all to themselves.
er... klingon escorts just fckn DIE in the phaser crossfire a typical fed ball produces, not to mention that cloaking amounts to suicide when you have torpedo volleys from several players trailing you.

Once you past t1/t2 pvp you will notice that being able to cloak in combat is not worth ****.

Cloak is useful for getting in postion, but once you drop it you're committed - because of the hail of phaser fire and because someone always puts tractor beams on you.

At least i used to do that when i was around in my galaxy, together with other galaxys, fed balling around the field.

Klingon de-cloaks, he gets his face melted/tractor beamed, someone will fire hy2 torps, murder ensues.

Klingon wants to battle cloak but can't because he's in tractor lock, he gets free, still cant cloak because he's seeing waves of torpedoes coming after him. even if he cloaks he will still get the phaser salvos that have been initiated against him in the face....

Cloaking is nice to conceal your numbers and to lull the feds into a false sense of superiority... as a get away tool? not so much. full power to engines and evasive will work 100% better than cloacking while under fire.

You just need to make 10 km and you're safe. with cloak you still eat everything already thrown at you while your shields are down.


Thats perhaps the reason that all the good klingons i faced never cloaked while engaged in combat.

Be it fed or klingon, the simple truth is: being out of firing range (10km) works best when you want to avoid getting your ass handed to you.

Why do you think you got that turn rate?

SHOCK!!!! Its not so you can stay behind my galaxy, taking phasers and torps to the face.. or besides me.. taking moar phasers to the face while i negate all your incoming damage by cycling through my defenses.

Your turnrate is meant to facilitate hit and run. that means RUN as soon as you notice those phasers lighting up in your direction (if you don't have decent damage mitigation that is).