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01-30-2010, 01:56 PM
As far as anyone is aware the ship specific skills at the different tiers only provide benefits to those ship tiers.

The skill tree apparently was set up so that you could eventually skill up all the trees if you wanted and the cap was only recently added.

So where these would have been more relevant before with a fixed amount of skill points to allocate they seem a bit redundant.

Alot of people suggested ignoring the ship specific skills untill tier 5 and put the additional points into ground skills or science/engineering skills which match the boff abilities you wish to use.

This way the skill points will be of benefit to you for the duration of your character life rather than only the time spent in that tier.

Alternatively you could just spend them any way and wait for further dev info.

Respecs are apparently round the corner so points spent that make life easier while leveling may not be wasted :S