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01-30-2010, 03:00 PM
I'm glad you have blind faith that they aren't doing anything that affects your character with these random patches. And most the patches that happened in OB had no patch notes, only one... MAYBE two patches did. We had 3 maybe 4 patches between the end of OB and before head start began and no idea what they did.

And alot of those people were claiming I was demanding super precise notes requiring the info that they changed this exact code this exact way, which was never in any of my posts. It was in their minds. If they want to be super precise then by all means, however they want to do it.

Sorry you don't like my posting type, but found most devs ignore the polite reasonable responses and alot of people read them and go 'ya I agree with that' and the thread gets buried on page 20 in 5 seconds flat, so to get noticed ya gotta keep people interested in the topic and keep it from hitting page in 5 seconds, because in 3 hours its on page 128 and I don't care what devs, blues, gms, or whatever theyre called depending on the company they aren't going to read that post or it will be forgotten no matter how great the idea is.