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01-30-2010, 03:02 PM
Bat'leth melee isn't terrible but right now it's kind of pointless.

If you close to melee range you're almost always better off spamming the rifle melee attack and waiting for it to expose the person, then shoot them.

If you do insist on the bat'leth, you should know two things:
a) Only use it 1 on 1 or if the enemy is outnumbered.

b) Bat'leths have "combos". left-left-right does a big hit and left-right-left does a series of fast hits (reversible, so right-right-left and right-left-right also seems to work). If there are more combos, I dunno what they are.

Bat'leths ignore shields and damage health directly which can be handy.

Honestly though, you're better off just shooting them.