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01-30-2010, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by NthDegree256 View Post
As others have said - this was a server stability patch. What could you possibly want more detail on? You don't actually care that there was a small memory leak when players with certain racial traits took flanking damage, or that warping in and out of a system repeatedly caused repeated allocation and deallocation of memory that could be optimized with a bit of careful planning, or that the log files generated by the servers were displaying a value in decimal when it really should have been hex to make it easier to decipher individual errors (I just made each of those up, of course. I'm not a STO dev, just a software dev.) None of that is going to affect your gameplay or your decisions in and out of game, all it will do is take time away from a dev who should be coding another fix instead of wasting their time summarizing the effects of the twenty-seven different checkins that were made to the codebase yesterday.

Game balancing decisions? Yes. I agree those should be communicated, and I think all signs point toward this happening, based on the patch notes we got on the beta. But really, when a hotfix comes down the pipe to fix a tiny crash bug that was introduced by a typo in the previous patch and that 0.1% of the player base was going to hit but never had a chance to because the patch was released so soon? Not a big deal. Cryptic has better things to do than tell you every little thing they're working on.

I imagine we will see more patch notes when things start to wind down, The devs are spending every waking moment on this game. Have a little heart for these guys. They have been working their ass's off for months. At this point, I would rather the dev take a 30 min nap to help think and get it right, then to spend 5 mins summing up what they did.