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01-30-2010, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by zink1985
Well if you look at World of ******** for an example. Blizzard charge you to transfer your Character to another server. To Rename them. To change there Gender, and so on I don't see anything wrong with other MMO's trying to do the same.
Yea but thats all not necessary.... respeccing although can be depending how the high lvl gaming will be looking alike.

As well it would be to find out which spec is the best for your class.

You can respec in WoW how much you would like to, for a bit ingame gold.... Changes in name and char are different... that involves special attention from Blizzard...., because they would have to lay hands on that toon.

A respec should never be charged in mmorpgs. If it really is charged and necessary later, then it would be a reason for me to stop playing... because I cba paying for things who should imho be available from the start.

Im for sure not paying for a respec additionally to a montly fee... no way!

Originally Posted by zink1985
Just because the Option is there dose not mean you have to do it so.. I don't see anything wrong with it. Now if they charged us for leveling up that would never haven in an AAA MMO like STO.
IF there will be well thought fleet actions who would need real tanks and healers then you would have no other possibility than to respec... Raising a char with pure healing/tanking spec is a drag with every mmorpg.

Considering how often I got all on me even when Im grouped and even though my damage output cant be that good because I like to play save and so Im raising shields/repairs etc. as well as dps skills (Im engineer) Id say the aggro generation on groups works already