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01-30-2010, 02:04 PM
Many things contribute to victory on the battlefield, and weapons and technology are only part.

Ruthlessness, morale, a willingness to fight on until the end even against desperate odds, training, numbers, dumb luck, deceptions, tactics, use of the technology you have, and other factors would also come into play.

Like how did the Soviets beat the Germans in WW2? The Germans had for the most part superior technology, but were still beaten. There were several reasons the Soviets won.
1. Numbers - This was the biggest reason. There were a lot more Russians then there were Germans. This dovetails with item number 2...
2. Willingness to expend large numbers of soldiers to win - The loss ratios for most battles were very much in favor of the Germans, but they still lost. This is because the Russians were willing and able to trade two or three of their soldiers for every German they killed. And the Soviets had enough available manpower to accept these losses.
3. Strategy - Most apparent during the period of 1943 onwards, the Soviets had a much clearer strategic plan then the Germans did. With the descent into madness of much of the German's leadership, they were unable to adapt to the Soviet stratagems being devised and implemented by Zhukov and Konev. The most telling event of this was Operation Bagration in 1944.
4. Supplies - The Germans never had enough supplies, particularly fuel, for their needs. Another constant problem was spare parts. The Soviets had enough warmaking supplies after 1942 and the entry of the United States in the war that supplies was never an issue.

I would imagine the Cardassians would use similar methods to defeat the Federations. Superior numbers, a willingness to accept a higher loss ratio to achieve victory, and use of superior strategy can easily overcome a technically superior foe.

It was not until the Allies in Star Trek had developed new strategies and brought up more combat units that they were able to defeat the Cardassians. Looking at Memory Alpha, it estimates that 7 million Cardassian military deaths occurred during the Dominion War (807 million death, 800 million which were civilian) which is A LOT for a 2 year conflict which if accurate would legitimize my theory of accepting a higher loss ratio to achieve victory.