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01-30-2010, 02:06 PM
Originally Posted by Dearheart View Post
Ever been through MMO launches before? From your post, it seems not. This is NOTHING compared to other launches I have seen.

Noooothhiinnnngggg. lol

Agreed. Been in many headstarts which were rough.

Always the same - get home from work and try to log in and servers go down. Get a chance to play for a few and kid wakes up and have to log off. So onand so on. I still do the preorders and sit here. The game isn't super stellar by any means but for some reason I'm having a blast with it... when it's up.

It'll be fine come Feb 2nd. **** had an excellent launch other than PM ques and they didn't have those very long. Cryptic will get it. No worries.