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# 1 Key Binds and Weapons
01-30-2010, 02:10 PM
Currently, we have a fire all phasers, fire all torpedos and fire all weapons key binds, however, we need Fire All Forward Weapons and Fire all Rear weapons as well.

This is a very needed thing for tactical ships using cannons, cause firing rear weapons can sometimes cause major problems when you aren't wanting them to go off...

Key binds in general need a bit of a facelift. I should be able to hit the key/mouse button rather than have to select from a special list if it's not an a-z or 1-0 key.

Also, when is joystick control going to be added into the game?

Other thoughts, provide an interface for the steel series "wow" mouse and the G15 keyboard. Many many gamers use these two devices for quality of play and it would befit you to add in full support.