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01-30-2010, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by D.Kleinberg
Ya know people, this IS a NEW ONLINE GAME after all!! There will be bugs and yes there WILL be unexpected downtimes. I mean think of it this way, the "real" game is NOT even out yet, it won't be for 3 more days! This is just a HEADSTART for the people who pre-ordered the game. I myself payed for the lifetime membership but you don't see me complain about the downtimes, DO YOU?!?!
That's because you're one of the sheeple that companies hope will buy their products ... the ones that never complain ... happy to part with their money and with low expectations of customer service... unexpected downtime was acceptable in open beta, but this game is now Live, regardless of whether it's headstart or not. Any unplanned downtime from here on out is unacceptable.