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I keep reading both in archives post and here about wasted points in Tier3 & Tier 4 due to the fact that when you get to tier 5 you are going to be using a specific ship type (i.e Rcons science or Deepspace science wessel for science officers)

As i see no ability to spend in game currency for some sort of respec to test out what style of play i want, i am in a pickle. i mean we are already locked into a class so why aren't we allowed to test out the different parts of the class.

in addition to that why are Tier 3 & Tiers 4 for the most part have no real impact on Tier 5, aren't we supposed building upon what we have already learned?

Can we get some kind of clarification on why T3&T4 are filler points and why there is no option for a respec...which every MMO has had for the past 5 years. (it just cost a reasonable amount of in game currency)

Please don't flame i am just trying to make the game better, and if you feel the need to support this thread please do so.