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01-30-2010, 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Maximus Paynicus
They don't listen to the BBB, no. Most companies don't. The BBB, more or less, is a figurehead organization that mom and pop companies use to slap "BBB Top Rated" stickers to their front doors to try and woo customers.
It's also a way that people formally complain when they have gone thru the normal channels and are too frustrated to do anything else but complain to the BBB and quit the game. It's not like anyone can or will sue Cryptic over non-response. At least it's a measure of some type that proves they don't care. You came up with your own reasoning as to what it means about their local company rating on the BBB, or for whatever reason you support Cryptic's non-response.

My comment isn't to complain. It's to say it will fall on deaf ears and that Cryptic will do what it wants to do. It's been proven time again and again.

Keep in mind, I have seen some good changes to the game and from user input. However, they were ideas and not comlaints.

In short, if it's a complaint, save it. It doesn't go anywhere but ripped apart by fan bois or tore down more by those more upset than any OP. It's worthless to complain about Cryptic so we all might as well lessen the complaining threads, return the game for a refund or pay and deal with it.