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I am Mitth'raw'nuruodo or you can call be my core name, Thrawn.

I hail from a galaxy quite a distance from this one. I am Chiss and I was a Grand Admiral in the Galactic Imperial Navy under his excellency the Emperor Palpatine. I am not sure how I arrived here but I was engaged in combat in an area of space called "Wild Space". Suddenly, as my opponent's vessel erupted, a beam of light came over my ship's bridge and then there was darkness. I awoke on board a Federation vessel with no memory of how I arrived. I was sedated, examined, determined to be in good health and released into the custody of Starfleet Intelligence.
hmmm your story seems somehow familiar ...... i'd swear i read it somewhere in some copyrighted piece of fiction somewhere ..... well all but the "beam of light" part >.>

Anyhow, here is my bio:

Captain's log, Stardate 2409.29

As per Starfleet regulation, all captains, myself included, are required to maintain an official log. As such I am compelled to begin this one. As this is my first entry as captain I feel it is prudent to give background information concerning myself.

It is said that moments of utter terror stand out so strongly that the mind can not truely percieve it, and thus the moment is wiped from the mind. For me this is not true. I remember clearly, thanks to the borg collective, the moment I was assimilated. More over I remember the terror and confusion of being prematurely woken from the cryogenic tank my parents had left me in aboard the sleeper ship, the cold hand of a drone reaching for me before the borg nanites took away my individuality, and turned the fear into a curious side note upon their collective conciousness. A side note which remains as such. Just an oddity, as though it happened to someone else.

After that my "story" becomes boring and unimportant for many long years. My group thrived within the collective, assimilating new technology and races, but nothing of note. That is, nothing of note until my cube was sent into Cardassian space as a failed plan by the collective to assault the Federation on a different front. The cube I was aboard assaulted Federation space and, as usual, caused massive damage amongst the Federation fleet, and as usual, the Federation repelled the attack, in this case, by a crew that took the fool-hearty approach of assaulting the cube from the inside. Most likely out of luck, a small away team managed to force their way deep enough into the cube to randomly strike an important node, causing a massive disruption withing the transwarp stabilizers within the cube. Predictably the cube destroyed itself.

As for how I survived, that is sheer coincidence. As part of the collective I and several other drones were sent to assimilate the attackers, an assault which I began right as the Federation team was beaming off the doomed cube. Since I was in contact with one of the members I too was beamed off the cube. I would have continued the assault upon the ship had the destruction of my cube not destabilized subspace such that the borg implants connecting me to the collective ceased functioning. More over, I would not have survived even then if not for the transporter opperator's infatuation with the exploits of the intrepid class vessel named Voyager. His quick reaction to my appearance then subsequent deactivation, from what I was told, prevented the security officers I had assaulted from killing me.

My history after that point was again, unremarkable. I was bounced around from one crew to another, an oddity. After all, what do you do with a former borg drone? It was during this time period I took the name Encari, I believe it was meant as a derogatory term meaning "copy" or more losely translated "drone."

Eventually I decided to join Starfleet, mostly for a place to go for stability. After all, they turn no one away, especially in this time of war. After academy, in which I naturally made top honors, I was assigned as an ensign aboard the "Orbanis," a small, old science vessel that was barely space worthy. My "official" assignment was as an engineer in the field of warp field physics, with the task of making Federation transwarp technology more stable, and feesible, for older vessels such as the Orbanis. I spent most of my time repairing the ship and ensuring it continued to function, as the officers incharge of the research wished nothing to do with me, or my knowledge. It was during such maintinence that my "career" as a member of Starfleet truely began.

And with all such things, it began with a bang. Rather, it began with the failure of a power coupling that regulated the warp core's coolant pumps. I was in a Jefferies tube at the time, and luckily nearby to the failed power coupling. Normally this would not have been an issue of course, but as with all older ships, when one part breaks the rest commiserate, in this case, the power coupling's destruction also destroyed it's nearby redundancies and the mechanism needed to eject the quickly overheating warp core. As the crew scrambled to abandon ship, I moved to stop the destruction, not because I felt a need to save lives, but for the wish of not having to wonder where next I would be stationed. I managed at that point to bypass the faulty coupling and return function to the coolant pumps using myself as a bypass, my borg augmented limbs allowing me to handle power currents much higher then most sentient life could handle. Eventually the strain caused me to lose conciousness. According to the ship's doctor, I was lucky, considering it took several minutes for the crew to find me, let alone repair the damage enough that I was no longer needed as a "bypass." The ship's captain declared it a miracle I survived, and that I had perhaps performed the "most idiotic stunt" he had ever seen.

Not long after I was transfered to a new ship, the NCC. Entropy, and have worked my way slowly to position of captain ever since.

End log entry ....