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01-30-2010, 02:15 PM
Originally Posted by TripFour View Post
"fedballing" would vanish completely if Feds had Cloaking technology. You'd see a lot more hit-n-runs from escorts and more actual Tactics because the Escorts wouldn't be so afraid to leave their Cruisers side.

Not all Escrots are Engineers, and according to the BO skill system that we've been given, are *supposed* to be more effective for Tactical officers.

And again, you shouldn't have to mess with equipment and BOs to make yourself as effective as the other guy is by default.
You think a tactic like fed-balling would go away if the feds were given cloak? I just wonder how many of the STO subs even played MMOs before.

It would not go away, it is an effective tactic and it would continue with fed cloaks. So your solution is no good.