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01-30-2010, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by Axil.X
I agree that i want patches to every single change made. If they fixed a typo, i want to know. If they fixed a minor quest bug, localization issue for the australian client, or added a background effectto some backwater sector.. i want to know.

Is this somthing i'm legally entitled to? no. However the (slipping) industry standard has been complete documentation. I feel entirely justified for being frustrated when new MMOs have less customer friendly standards than those coded years ago. Will i quit over this particular issuein isolation, no, however if i decide to leave the game this will certainetly be one of the reasons in the shopping cart at checkout.

I also appreciate other paying customers who share my opinions and values articulating them to the development team.
Do you have any idea what you are actually requesting? Do you KNOW how many fixes/changes are in a typical patch, especially in a new game? My guess would be anywhere from 100 - 100+. And most of those changes are a change to a letter here or an add to a line of code there. To document those changes in a timely manner? Impossible.

Code Fix: Mjaor -> Major
Documentation: "Changed mission text on second screen under "What are the Consequences?" in mission acceptance detail for Sulu's mission "Who really cares" from "Mjaor" to Major". "

I would rather have the programmer making 5 typo corrections during the time it would take to document one and then get patch notes that say "Fixed typos in mission dialogs".

Technical fixes ("Changed addressing error in module FLIGHT_CHANGE_PATH from 6e67443da to 6e67443d0") are pointless to put into documentation as they mean nothing to the end user.

I dare say if the time between critical patches went from two days to five days because of the level of documentation you say you want (and that is a GENEROUS estimate) you would be the first one complaining about the slipping standards of customer care in getting badly needed fixes made in a timely manner.