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01-30-2010, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by TripFour View Post
The problem with this (and I'm not saying it's not viable or possible. You're absolutely right about tactics) is that Klingon Escorts don't have to do this. Cloaking is their defense. No need to equip for it directly, no need to train BOs for it, no need to rely more heavily on teammates for heals. Just Cloak and you've escaped after your initial burst.

Fed Escorts have comparable shields and hull and lack the GTFO button that Klingons have. It's not balanced. And won't be as long as Klingons have something as basic as stealth all to themselves.
Wut? Yes we do we'd be murdered if we didn't take powers like polarise hull/engi/sci team etc, a BoP is even more fragile than a normal escort and a raptor is just as fragile as one.

Originally Posted by TripFour View Post
Both very true. However, Klingon escorts are superior in almost every department, thanks in no small part to Battle Cloak.
Only BoP has battle cloak, the raptor doesn't, klings get 2 escort type ships remember.

Originally Posted by TripFour View Post
1. I (as in me, the player) am not attached to one faction or another. I'm neither Fed or Klingon. Nor do I have a preference

2. They fixed MES. It's still not even half as effective as Battle Cloak, even maxed out. Which BO slot takes up Battle Cloak again? I always forget what Klingons give up for that particular power.
Only the BoP has battle cloak and it's got the least hp in game iirc. Also as said before in this thread, battle cloak really isn't all it's cracked up to be, if you're being focus fired, you're more likely to get killed from using it than escape, all my escapes with it, I either wasn't being hit very hard or was out of weapons range.