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01-30-2010, 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by Janlee View Post
But what about tips from new areas/contacts?

The old ones that pop-up, annoying.

New ones that would pop-up, with the window minimized you wouldn't see them.

And I also hate that if you mouse over any button in your drawer, you get a tip. This one is going to the maximum delay setting when game comes back up.
I've had to also adjust my tool-tip duration as well. Some tool-tips seem to always appear instantly, however. I haven't gotten to the point of annoyance with them yet, as they are still helping me learn about things and are not nearly as repetitive as the Tips in topic discussion. I understand where you are coming from and can foresee this also becoming an issue later on down the road.

Back on topic:
I don't want this issue to become moot just because we can try and shrink the tips into practically non-existence (if it works for everyone, need to try it when server comes back). It is a huge eye-sore to the game, especially for those who have read them 50+ times over.