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01-30-2010, 02:27 PM
Suuuuure... they could give escorts something more, right after they restrict sci and cruiser ships from T2 pvp and sci ships from T3 and T4 additionally.

And btw, raptors have to use play defensively just like everyone else, RSP basically stops incoming damage, if the guy getting FF'd pops it your not going to kill him without completely unreasonable levels of coordination. (everyone turns off all energy weapons, using ONLY shield disables or drains and torps, etc)

Escorts can use this in T3, right when klingons get something other than escorts.

So cloak is pretty much the 'we get less hulls, shields, ship types (2 different focus leaning ships for each type in T5) but get the first shot' ability.

If one of the escorts didnt usually end up dying early in the fight from 5 dps ships focusing, klingons would just plain be at a disadvantage, being squishier with no support and their opening barrage advantage being worthless.