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01-30-2010, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by SwissKnight View Post
yea summit, its pretty koole that you wnna use freedom fo speech and stuff causd i totally believe in freedom, but this is supposed to be a serious post,

some of us wanna us the furoums to MAKE THE GAME BATTER!

so if you could jus t post helpstuff thst woulld be good.
DO YOU SEE, Cryptic?? It is your blatant disregard for downtime that has led this poor soul to play constantly, melting his mind, he can barely spell anymore!! HAVE MERCY ON US!! I BEG of you, Cryptic!

This short downtime (albeit unplanned) should have happened much sooner. Shame on you. Well, shower time. Eek, I smell like dead cow.