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Fleet's are terribly lacking many options such as:
  1. Only able to make 7 Fleet Ranks.
  2. Inability to contact all of your Fleet members unless they are logged on and reading Fleet Chat.
  3. Inability to limit the number of items that may be removed a day, not just the amount of Credits.
  4. Inability to meet with your fleet members.
  5. Inability to gather Fleet members into the same instance.

Possible Solutions (By Problem #):
  1. Add an interface for creating unlimited ranks.
  2. Add a button for being able to "Mass Mail" using the in-game mailing system.
  3. Adding an interface for full customization of each ranks access to the Fleet Bank.
  4. Allowing the "Warp To" button to work when a person is in a publicly accessible area, and showing it on the Fleet Roster.
  5. Having the ability as a Team Leader to create an instance for yourself under Change Instance.

If you agree that these changes are absolutely necessary to create and maintain Fleet's please reply with "/sign".