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01-30-2010, 02:39 PM
Introduction by one time mentor scientist Jordial Faal, who was also the decendant of distinguished Betazoid scientist Lem Faal.
BlackSwan Di'Xevar is Daughter of the 7th House Betazoid.... She lived a protected and secluded life early on. Mostly due to the fact that her parents were worried because she was born with her telepathic powers...... it is then that the rumors are she has had psionic training as well... but none the less as she grew up it was clear she needed more free time and things seemed fine to her parents as far as her "powers" were concerned.
Being the daughter of diplomatic ambassadors had it's perks...... her education was paramount.....she began serious science study at a very young age....she is masterful in her craft and became enamored with space travel so she spent quite abit of time learning everything from flying to anthropologic studies including popular galactic dancing. She enjoyed the parties very much and socialite standing that came with her heritage . She's met quite a few Federation Officers thru out her travels so it was no suprise that when time came to bolt from Betazed she'd run there.......The Federation..........i'm sure they will make good use of her talent...*smirks sarcastically*
Let me back up, Betazoid tradition has children genetically bonded to a future spouse..... and this did not go well with the plans of the young formidable scientist that had it in her to do nothing but party and travel across the stars....So essentially BlackSwan has run off and joined the "Circus"! A tantrum that may change her life forever! It seems she's hooked up with a Captain of some mystery.... i think His name is Syd... but that is just a rumor not much known about Him except she's been seen with Him.