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01-30-2010, 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by Baconnaise
I didn't care for Blizzard's crafting system and thought it was garbage. Pirates of the Burning Sea had a very detailed and micromanaged crafting system. It was a pretty robust system for people that actually like that socioeconomic thing. Eve has a very unique crafting system as well which is fulfilling for many.

It sounds like you're asking for a useless unless it's maxed crafting system. Lotro, WoW, ****, and many others have that type of system. This doesn't need a typical crafting system or at all imo.
Well Bacon I would be happy with SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. And it would be even better if they came up with something orginal to boot. But they butchered crafting in CO too so their engine obviously isnt equipped to implement crafting. And this *IS* a rush job judging from things like this being omitted or poorly designed based on the limitations of another game.