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01-30-2010, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by Baconnaise
I honestly think they couldn't think of any way to include a crafting system. Thinking about it more just makes me think this is the most logical answer. How would you put in crafting in a star trek mmo? The only thing I can come up with really is something similar to what they have which is a system that upgrades what you have. I mean in the series the engineers like laforge and obrien would modify what they have perhaps making it run better etc.
I think so too.. and as for upgrading components.. tehy have the artifacts and such.. maybe what the NPC does with them can and will eb included later in the game. Maybe when they do a expansion pack or something.

To be honest even in WOW when I spent all the time to get a level 450 Leather Wroking skill.. in the end it seems pointless as I could quest for better things thatn I could make most the time.

I'm sure if they put something in for crafting you would complain it doesnt do enough or is useless.. so why was Dev time on it? When it could be spent improving ship balance or play balance.