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01-30-2010, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by Soltark View Post
I just thought I'd throw come productivity out there for a change and sincerly thank all the cryptic crew who are at work at the moment instead of at home on a SATURDAY.

All this complaining is a bit silly people just be thankful people are working on something to entertain us with especially over the weekend.
Its easy to forget that the devs are just like us. They have lives and this is just a job to them to pay the bills. Of course, its in their best interest to make sure that the product launches and runs as smoothly as possible.

Has the early access / headstart been relatively smooth? Yes.
Could the game be better? Yes.
Does the current state of the game provide a good foundation on which to build? Yes.

Therefore, for what its worth, so far they have deserved my personal thanks.