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01-30-2010, 03:47 PM
I actually paid for the lifetime sub. I honestly can not tell you why because I paid for a lifetime in Champions and it was the biggest waste of money ever. The game still feels half developed to me. Anyway I figure 1 server is likely more than enough if STO isn't any better than Champions. The over the shoulder view still irritates me and movement working differently in combat is lame. It seems Cryptic has joined SOE in believing MMO standards really have no value helping players enter and enjoy a new game by using past play experiences.

Oh well, a crash here and there isn't all that big a deal. Not compaired to having too little content and rolling out new content fast enough. We will see in a couple of weeks whether life in STO is a mirror of life in Champions. You eventually have nothing to do but socialize and hope for new content or another game to come along.

I realllllly hope there is more content here than I'm expecting. Oh and fewer crashes.