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01-30-2010, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by BrianDavion View Post
and thats the thing, focusing on gathering materials to make stuff to make money, I dunno.. how is that trek?

they DO have a limited crafting system in game involving upgrades. (no it's not great and I doubt I'll focus heavily on it) but this does seem to work, as baconese said, how could you add crafting to trek? outside of stuff from maybe voyager, or perhaps PERHAPS sisko and the defiant (I could certinly see it argued from a MMO POV that defiant was a crafted ship.. I'd personally not like it but..)

as for cryptic borrowing from CO's system, actually this isn't true, CO's crafting system is actually better belive it or not
Hell the ground combat and character movement in game is better in CO imo.