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Ok, so the general assumption I have gained from all the forums is that Small Escort type ships should use frontal heavy cannons. All big ships should use beam weapons with wide firing arcs.

So in end game.... are the bigger Klingon ships the better route for Science Captains looking to offer solid support to their teams? If so, then wouldn't it make sense for Science officers looking to be in big ships to focus on beam weapons through T2? Any advice, theories, assumptions, or facts would be greatly appreciated!

I am thinking Beam Overload I and Torpedo High Yield 2 could do some good damage in pvp setting... making sure we fly around at max speed circling our enemies. Once we get to bigger ships, use those as healing command vessels... am I on the right path here? Since skills have a cap, we should only focus on either beams or cannons..... so I guess the main point to sort out first is if science captains belong primarily in larger ships, and should the larger ships mainly aim for being "beam-boats"?