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01-30-2010, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by Fractal_Eye
Yeah, I play a Science Captain myself, so I usually end up using the all-around deflectors (less bonus to the types themselves, but usually gives bonuses to more types). Mainly, I use Tractor Beam, Sensor Array (for my sensor scan and jam targeting sensors), and Deflector Field (for Feedback Pulse).

The different types I can remember atm are: Deflector Field, Deflector Dish, Emitter, Tractor, Sensor Array, Hazard Systems, Tractor, and Astrometrics (not too sure about this one; may be Astrometric Probes). I can't remember any others (if there are any).
I don't think there is Astrometric Probes, there is however Astrometrics, Sensor Array and Sensor Probes. Sensor Probes is used for the scramble sensor ability which fires a probe and causes enemies to target each other. Sensor Array is for Jam Sensors.

Personally I'd like the "Examples Include" list to be complete on each skill point area, would make everything a whole lot easier to follow. I like you am still finding the whole science skill section to be confusing, having to keep referring to references like a wiki.