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01-30-2010, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by Th0rh4mm3r
Sorry, I expected downtime during the headstart, but how about a frickin ETA?

ASAP is only an ETA if the server is being rebooted.

2.5 hours is not ASAP, and not having an update after 2 hours is not ASAP either.

1st, it took 30+ minutes before cryptic even acknowledged the server was down, and then they gave us no ETA.

Now, here we are 2.5 hours on and still no update.
ETA's can only be given when there actually IS one. ASAP also means 'as soon as possible' and can be anytime from 1 seconds to infinity, or never. It does not nor cannot cover a set period of time.

Scenario - If there had been a major server component failure, then they would have gone to their third party for hardware replacement (probably a one hour SLA - service level agreement), then they would have to do the repair when the part arrives, then restore all data. However in THIS instance, the eta can only be given when the restore starts and the amount of time remaining is calculated.

In summary, shutup and stop moaning/