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01-30-2010, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by eyelusion View Post
36 people that went out of their way to complain to the BBB about cryptic and only 1 got an acceptable response. If they aren't going to respond to complaints that give them a grade of "F" by the BBB in their home location, they certainly aren't going to listen to anyone complaining about them on this forum.

No sense in complaining. We either pay to play and put up with all the issues they still haven't fixed from the Beta or we don't. They don't care:

This isn't based off of the 5 reviews, by the way. It's based off of 36 complaints, of which usually allow 1-2 months for a responnse to the BBB from Cryptic of an acceptable response.

I can tell you I would never, never let my company get an F in my community or not respond to complaints, especially as serious as the complaints are in the description from the BBB.

Again, either deal with it or don't pay to play. They don't listen.
This is the second thread on this. What did you steal the other guys link and posted it here? BBB is so useless your are better off going crying to your mommy and get better results. Come up with something original.