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01-30-2010, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by Anatoly
I tried eve out for a month, it's really, really, hard, and it will stomp you in the teeth every chance it gets.
...and so will the players :p

Originally Posted by Project_00
Yeah i done it all. I can garantee you, there is NO fair pvp in eve, and if there is ever a fair fight, one of the fleet commanders did somthing very very wrong.
Yeh, BoB and Red Alliance (was it?) gettin into massive fights in 0.0 where they spam sent guys into the node till it crashed, and had second EVE launchers already opened so that when the node reopened, they could pwn everything still not yet logged off and/or without pilots. I remember BoB was pretty notorious for that, an were somehoe immubne to bansticks for doing it while others wouldnt be quite as immune.
Not much of a surprise given who was in the corp....

I seriously would have loved to have seen a roster and number of how many devs/GM alts there were in there (but thats just my conspiracy theorism)