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01-30-2010, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by Tobias_Highfield
my personal opinion, auto-fire is meant for space not ground. because there are systems for that in a ship, but not on a person. honestly we're playing a game, auto fire is like saying u instead of you. plus if you want to use another ability that may be crucial to your survival at times, its annoying to have your primary '1' attack get in the way.
You are right, they should remove auto run too then... It's just like saying U instead of YOU... Come on!!! remove autorun!!! we are all hardcore l33t players here, we do not want any sissy mode games!!! get rid of the autorun!!! oh, and for healing, we have to sit down on the floor and just rest up. It should take some 10-15 minutes to get your health back!!

/sarcasm off