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01-30-2010, 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by Auberon
And on next weeks show..... Sinhealer expains why gamers should just ignore forums and allow themselves to be doormats to gaming companies.

J/k Sinhealer, I am not having a go.... but people will say what they want, when they want and there is always plenty of people to reply..... for either side of the arguments.
Is cool mate,
I guess the point I was maybe aiming for(however weak it was made)is maybe just post things like the OP's post in an on going thread.
The sheer volume of complaining threads,wither it is to complain about the game or complain about the complainers is over the top,also to be honest they are not saying anything that is not in maybe 10 other threads.
I guess it makes some people feel better if they start there own thread.