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01-30-2010, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post
The good thing about cryptic's games, is you can be unique as you want, and still be competitive. They offer more diversity without homogenization and overpowering one class, than almost any other MMO out there
The downside of a system like this, of course, is that there really isn't very much diversity in your build choices. Two players with identical class/ship/bridge officers will be almost indistinguishable, regardless of how they chose to distribute their skill points.

Frankly I'd rather have a system where you can really tailor a build to the way you want to play, even if that results in it becoming possible to make a build that just isn't good. For something like that to work, though, the game needs to have very clear in-game documentation, and easily accessible character respecs, neither of which STO has at the moment.