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01-30-2010, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by apophis775 View Post
Kind of looking for an in-game RP fleet. I don't mind checking forums, but I'd rather keep RP ingame, and a using the in-game engine, not any chat-relates stuff like /attacks x with phaser and then X replies /dodges
I can speak only for Epsilon, and not any of the other fleets which have posted here. We do need members to keep up with news on the forums. Forum RP is not required (I don't do it much myself).

The question of narrative combat vs. PvP combat (what you describe as "/shoots X with phaser" is something players decide among themselves. I don't believe our Fleet has a particular stand on that one way or another. Federation characters don't shoot at each other that often, and Fed and Klingon players cannot interact in any way OTHER THAN regular PvP, so no narrative combat as you describe would be possible.