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01-30-2010, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by Warguppy View Post
Not much of a "headstart" if the servers are down so much (last night, now and who know how many more times tomorrow). I have a feeling this will be a common theme once it does go live. So do you really think it's ready for launch now?
I think you are confusing the game, the system hardware, and vastly underestimating how badly they underestimated how high and dedicated their population would be.

The game itself was stable as sin prior to adding in the "purchase my closed beta key" FP numbers, regained stability as they expanded their hardware capabilities, and then the bottom fell out as the customer base response outstripped their estimations. It is not as though the company has a spare 250,000 persons' worth of processing power in their closet.....

This will be fixed, and the game will be fine.