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01-30-2010, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by Pasquatic
My bad. Apparently I had my phasers set to stupid and suffered a self-inflicted injury. One of Balt's dialogues states that you can only train bridge officers who are in the same career path that you are. Provided this is true, I'll be rerolling my character.
No need for re-rolling. here's an interview for you to read where the lead designer says you'll be able to teach other player's bridge officers your skills and they'll be able to teach your bridge officers their skills. (need Emergency Energy to Shields III? talk with an engineer.

so we were both wrong.

Originally Posted by Pasquatic
Oh, and Eleriel, pull the stick out of your butt. If someone at Cryptic would enable multi-quoting, that's what I'd do. I'm not working on corporate communications while I'm here.
*shrugs* You can multi-quote, just takes some clicking and some copy-paste. you just let laziness get the better of you.