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01-30-2010, 03:15 PM
Currently have a light cruiser by the name of USS Jovian, which means "Of or relating to Jupiter" being that my character hails from one of the larger moons of said planet. The following ships will be USS IO, USS Europa, USS Callisto and USS Ganymede, which are the names of the lovers of Zues, the greek equivalent of the roman god Jupiter and the names of the 4 larger, inner moons of jupiter. Though I have a feeling that IO will be too short and have to go with USS Thermisto instead, which is the next largest moon in orbit around jupitar.

During Open Beta I had the USS Hydra, being that my Alien character what from a planet in that constelation, Hydra being a many headed beast from greeko/roman mythology, and the following ship was named USS Tiamat, not got the babalonian god, but for the dragonhydra from the 80's cartoon series Dungeons and Dragons.