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01-30-2010, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by Rumbleskin View Post
lets put it this way, when you are new you should stfu and learn.
Well, thats part of the process... the whole RTFM is really what needs to happen, but how many people do YOU know who actually RTFM and get something out of it, especially with a MMO that changes from patch to patch? Generally there should be a lot of stuff already on-line about this and that, and especially pre-launch granted that its not available just yet.

However - most people who play games dive into them and then complain when they can't get it done. Most are *NOT* like you and do complain because they feel it is thier GOD GIVEN right to do so.

Not that I agree - I think they should stfu - but the forum is the place to rant dude...