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01-30-2010, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by jaxom101 View Post
Im looking to go all Tact Escort. I just want to deal the Most Damage the fastest I can. Im not sure what I missed but on the Builder I didnt have any Points at Admiral. Please take a look and see if Im not getting this.

Im not sure if spending the putting the points into poleron weapons is worth it.

All the weapons available to you will be the same dps for thier levels. This can be increased via consoles and investing points in the skill tree etc.

So putting points into phaser willl give you the same increase for using phaser based damage than inviesting in poleron and using poleron weapons.

The difference is you can cap the phaser damage early in the tree and use the points in tier 5 to improve your ship stats at no dps loss. Extra points can be used in either damage if wish or improving a skill.

Your way you match dps with poleron but loose out on ship hulll, turning etc than someone who skilled up and stuck to phaser based weapons and then used the tier 5 points to put into ship skill.

Also its not certain the ship specific skills benefit you towards endgame so its debatable whether its worth putting points into these if planning ahead.

Generally when looking at which skills to put points into its best to look at what abilities you will want to equip your Boffs with and investing in those skills and remember that some of your boffs will be restricted on what abilities they can use depending on the stations available on the ship type your planning to use.