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01-30-2010, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by Vraesh View Post
A science captain in a science vessel is great regardless of if/when they'll be able to lend more of a support role. You're a powerhouse... best shields in the game, those debuffs really do make a huge difference, your turn rate is almost as good as an escort, and you have tons of surprises for the enemy.
This is actually a damn good point. You're not a healer. You're a Science Captain in a Science Vessel.

Heals aren't the only powers you have. And they aren't the only powers you should be using. A Science captain should use their full array of abilities. Sure, sometimes you'll want to heal. But you shouldn't be healing all the time.

You can heal, and your healing abilities are very good. But you're not a healer. You're Science. You're more than a healer.