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01-30-2010, 03:28 PM
Zed, 1 'server' does NOT mean 1 machine.

For example in eq2, I play on Antonia Bayle which is one 'server' world, that server has zones like commonlands or lavastorm and 1 machine could run just one of those zones, what is more there could be 3 instances of that zone if there is more than 50 people in that zone at a time.

So you could end up with 15 different machines (or blades, or whatever not sure what kind of cluster they are working with) under one server.

I'm sure its lode balanced and all but generally the login 'server' is the most likely to be limited in number (I think SOE has one master login server across all games, when it goes down all game login is down, though can still play if you are in-game)

P.S. The message you get down (you cannot log into this server at this time) tells me that they are at least making progress. The login server is up, but some (or all) of the instances and areas is not. In other MMO's there is 3 states of servers I've seen: DOWN, LOCKED, and UP. Seems we've gone from DOWN to LOCKED at least.