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01-30-2010, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by MrSloane
I'm not looking forward to the 2nd...
Same here. This isnt going to get better this is going to get a BUNCH worse before it gets better.

I run the game on a rather large machine with extensive connection logging. The server ip address that the game connects to are pretty scary considering how few there actually are.

Its time to spend some money cryptic and spend it fast if you want the game to have a prayer at growing.

Not complaining as I enjoy the game a bunch when its up. But I do think the people that are saying the people getting to play now before the official date are "lucky to be able to play" and have no right to complain are

A: stupid as dirt.
B: on crack.

I paid $300 for lifetime subscription and pre-order.

Part of what I bought gave me access to the open beta which I enjoyed and never complained or felt bad when it was down.

The other part was for the pre-launch play. This part came off my pre-ordering the game. This isnt the same as the open beta access. Between that AND the lifetime subscription I am now getting shafted out of playing time that I have paid for. So I have a RIGHT to complain and a RIGHT to get ticked off from now on if the server is down.

At this point Im not complaining or ticked off. But I do have a RIGHT to be if I wanted to be.

Again this isnt a beta. This is the SAME as the OFFICIAL release date for the people that pre-order and or bought the lifetime subscription. I hate if for you if you feel otherwise but its a fact.