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01-30-2010, 04:31 PM
Initially ALL the classes are not as defined as they'll be later on.

That said, how you play any character defines how welcome and useful they'll be. What kit you wear, will give you alot of flexibility as a scientist, too. Having a healer-spec Boff will ease up on YOU having to heal others, but the value of being able to rez others, when you want to, is great.

If you're doing ANY support character, in ANY game, you'll be more useful in a group than if you're just soloing one mob at a time, with breaks to recover between. If you prefer to solo, like to do mostly space missions, then being a healer early on may not be exciting for some.

This game isn't about the holy trinity of TANK, DPS, and HEALER, as it is in games like EQ and WOW.