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01-30-2010, 04:31 PM
The only right answer is what best fits your play style and focusing on that. Trying to be a carbon copy of someone else's play style, no matter how effective and fun it is for them, will do neither for you. Sure you might get close to their effectiveness, but since it goes against what you like your heart won't really be in it, so you won't do your best and will not have as much fun.

I happen to like beams and was very effective with dual beam banks and a torpedo launcher in the front and a beam array in the aft. I didn't match what the cannon folks did, but I also wasn't focused purely on beams (no fire at will nor beam overload), instead I had more of the cc / healing abilities on my BOffs and I trained my captain skills in both beams and cannons, instead of focusing on the skills that would boost my BOffs' powers. In other words I was trying to do too much. Because of this my total damage didn't match the pure cannon folks (it was fairly close though), my total healing was usually the highest overall and I tended to have fewer deaths. If both numbers were combined I would have at least matched their pure damage numbers.