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01-30-2010, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Grraver
A MMO is a very complicated and big thing, it deserves patience, and if you ask me its going very well actually when comparing to other MMO's in the past or present.

Usually its make or break with MMO's/games. This depends on many things, including constant development, market value, and offcourse gameplay. I see a game that is built by veterans, and something that has been built on proven technological ideas.

Im also thinking about how there was an unexpected large amount of players playing the Beta and buying the pre-order version. Cryptic actually had to muscle in some extra servers as i recall to deal with the xtra load.
I will understand and have patience.
Well said. I would like to take it one step further.

M = Massive --> Has anyone actually dealt with anything massive in thier lives or at thier jobs? Please keep this in mind when realizing how much has to go into creating and maintaining a MMO. Try constructing a MMO from scratch and burning 2-3 years of your life putting something together for somoene else who you created this for so they can toss it back in your face and call it garbage.

M= Multiplayer ---> Is everyone happy with every game that is currently out? Not one MMO has ever impressed everyone. Making everyone happy is impossible. The devs must first weigh how a gameplay "fix/patch/update" will affect thier server and how it will affect the current population of that server. They have to be ready to implement flawlessy or risk the scathing reviews of thier current community. Put that on your plate for a day and see if you can handle it. I challenge you to go outside today or tommorow and see as many people as you can and make them al happy...then times that by about 20,000 and tell me its not a daunting task.

O= Online ---> Technical issue after technical issue after technical issue. Try trading technical support forum posts/emails/messages with someone who claims that your server is the worst they have ever played on. Posts where these people are more concerned about how "YOU SUCK" than how they can fix thier problem. Try trading posts with someone who claims they know everything about computers since the beginning of time but they actually work at McDonalds and can't even tell you thier issue in any coherent terminology.

Now slap all that together between two peices of bread and viola you have just made your first **** sandwich.

P.S. This post is not for Grraver...he gets it. This post is for the whining maggots convince that the world is out to get them. NEWSFLASH: The world is out to get you. Get over it.