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01-30-2010, 03:37 PM
I played a Sci vessel in both closed and open, but have gone Escort in live (at least for the moment) for a change of pace. The best "tanking" skill you can get for a Sci BO is scramble sensors. (I put tanking in quotes because you aren't actually the one tanking) I'm not sure what the duration of the 1st rank ability is, as on my Sci vessel I only had the second, but rank 2 skilled up I had a 28s duration on, so rank 1 should be able 2 get over 20s with proper skills. (60s recast skilled)

What makes this skill so amazing is they'll actually help you kill their friends, and depending on the ships can actually inflict significant damage on their allies. Yes this doesn't help us 1v1, but Escort dps alone should be enough 1v1, it's vs groups that Escorts will start to run into trouble, and vs groups scramble sensors is amazing.

I actually plan to run a a different BO set for single target vs groups eventually, as BO SP's are easy to get later on, and Scramble will certainly be on my group BO.