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01-30-2010, 04:38 PM
In looking at all the skills available to each "Class"....I learned that a Science Officer, while not strictly a healer...doesn't need to be exactly setup as one to be very VERY useful.

Science Team, can be used on your team member's ships, very useful. Just have to keep an eye on everyone, like a good little healer would.

On the ground, there are times when the battle does get heavy, and a good Science player out does a BO. And that's in just normal PvE....Fleet Actions, would be extremely useful, even if you only have one skill for healing. Pretty much all you need.

Plus your debuff clearing skills....Plus the other skills that you get...I say stick with it. It's not a true "Healer" class for sure...but in MANY ways it's more versatile then you are giving it credit for.